In need of a refrigerator repair in Wayne NJ? Call Astre Appliance Service today for all your refrigerator repair needs in Wayne. Our refrigerators are without a doubt the most important piece of equipment in our kitchen. If they break down on us we stand to loose all of our food, and that can be extremely costly. If your refrigerator breaks down in Wayne NJ, call the only Appliance Repair company in Wayne that offers: No Service Charge With Repair, and a full 2 Year Warranty Parts & Labor. Call Astre Appliance Service for all your Refrigerator Repair needs in Wayne NJ.

Washer Repairs In Wayne, and Dryer Repairs in Wayne NJ

When our Washer’s or Dryers break down we realize how quickly our laundry piles up (especially when the kids come home from college, or it’s sports season). Entrust your Repairs to the only company who stocks all the popular parts on their trucks for all Washer Repairs in Wayne NJ, and Dryer Repairs in Wayne NJ. Call Astre Appliance Service for all you Washer Repairs and Dryer Repairs in Wayne NJ.

Gas and Electric Oven, Range,Cook Top Repairs Wayne NJ

Whether you have Gas or Electric, Propane or Natural gas, Astre appliance Repairs it all! Wen you Gas or Electric Cook Top, Oven, Range or Stove breaks down call the company with the largest stock of repair parts for all you electrical and gas appliances. We fully stock our trucks so that you will have you Oven, Stove, Range, or Cook Top repaired quickly, efficiently and at the a great price. 1-800-522-4134Call Astre appliance for your Oven Repairs in Wayne, Stove Repairs in Wayne, Range Repairs in Wayne, and Cook Top Repairs in Wayne NJ.

Dishwasher Repairs Wayne NJ

Astre appliance has over 50 years of appliance repair knowledge, backed by New Jersey’s largest inventory of appliance repair parts, we will fix your dishwasher in Wayne NJ quickly, efficiently, and at the best price. You will have clean dishes before you know it. 1-800-522-4134Call Astre Appliance for all you dishwasher repairs in Wayne NJ.

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