Washer Repair in Northern NJ - Astre ApplianceThe washer is your home’s most abused appliance. Most homeowners don’t realize how much they rely on it until it breaks down. If you’re anywhere in Bergen, Essex, Morris, & Passaic counties in NJ and need washer repair, call the service professionals at family-owned Astre Appliance. New or old, we can fix your washer so you can get your laundry moving again in no time.

Common Washer Woes

While homeowners may encounter an abundance of issues with their washers, the most commonly reported problems include the following:

  • Motors that won’t stop running, won’t agitate, or won’t spin.
  • Water that won’t flow into or drain out of a machine.
  • Machines that “walk,” spin too slowly, or won’t spin at all.
  • Water overflows or leaks from the washer.

Some common issues are easily addressed—these repair tips may help. Others may be problems related to improper use. At Astre Appliances Repair, our skilled washer repair technicians can show you where any mechanical problems lie and tell you if a smarter use of your machine may help abate some of them.

Smarter Use = Fewer Washer Repairs

Overloading—trying to wash too much at a time—stresses the transmission and motor, which are expensive to repair. Washers that don’t spin properly can also affect dryer operation, whether you own separate or combo appliances. If clothes are still soaked when the wash cycle ends, rather than just damp, they force the dryer to work over time. You end up spending more money to maintain both machines when all you needed was dependable, professional washer repair.

Be sure to wash small loads on size-appropriate small-load cycles to save energy, water, and detergent. To keep it clean, run your empty washer once monthly on a hot wash cycle with two cups of white vinegar in the soap dispenser. Most importantly, if you’re in Fairfield, NJ, and you own or operate a washing machine needing repair, call Astre Appliances Repair right away.