washing machine repair

Is your family’s laundry getting backed up because of a broken washer? You can get your problem fixed quickly and easily by requesting help from the professionals at Astre Appliance Repair. We have technicians who are ready to get to work on your washer in Fairfield, NJ, and the surrounding areas. We have all the tools, equipment and parts required to fix problems on all models of machines.

Common Types of Washer Problems

Modern washing machines include a lot of complex mechanisms and computer technology that can make repairs a real hassle for amateurs. Our professionals have much experience working with these products, so we can handle any problem you throw our way. The most common problems for washing machines include:

  • Failure to turn on, indicating an issue with switches, motors, knobs, or power
  • Leaking water caused by faulty valves or hoses
  • Excessive shaking or movement, usually caused by improper positioning or balancing
  • Foul odors caused by improper temperature, drainage or filtering
  • Washer won’t spin, which can occur from broken belts, motors or switches

No matter what problem is occurring with your washing machine, our experts have the tools and knowledge to diagnose the problem so that we can find just the right solution. We’ve seen it all, and we can fix the problem correctly the very first time.

Get a Fast and Easy Washing Machine Repair

When you request a repair from Astre Appliance Repair, we’ll send a clean, respectful and well-trained technician to your home to solve the problem. Our mission is to solve all types of washer problems for our customers in a timely manner so that they can get on with their normal routines. We understand you might have questions, concerns, or special requests, so we’ll provide timely and informative responses.

At Astre Appliance Repair, we know that the complete satisfaction of all our customers is key to our continued success. With our two-year warranty on all parts and labor, you can have peace of mind hiring us for your repair. Call or visit our website today to request a quote for your washing machine repair.