Refrigeration failure can cost you hundreds of dollars in lost food. At Astre Appliance, our licensed and factory-trained technicians come prepared with a host of original parts to have your refrigerator up and running as soon as possible and ensure minimal loss and inconvenience.

Common Refrigerator Issues

Refrigerator breakdowns can be caused by many factors such as lint build-up on the compressor or evaporator coils. Cleaning these twice a year could save you a lot of money and prevent major refrigerator repairs. A common issue is when refrigerator door seals become brittle; the seal isn’t as tight. Essentially, that’s the same as leaving the door of your refrigerator or freezer open. Although this can be delayed by keeping them clean, they do need replacing after several years of use.

Defrost systems consist of many parts, which can cause the system to fail, leading to a very complicated and costly refrigerator or freezer repair. If you start observing an abnormal buildup of ice, don’t hesitate to call. If it goes unfixed, you will notice a rise in temperature followed by a refrigerator that isn’t cooling or freezing anymore.

Another common issue with refrigerators is fluctuating temperatures. These temperature fluctuations may affect the quality of your food. Inconsistent temperatures that do not maintain an optimal 37 degrees indicate it is time for an evaluation from our professional technicians.

Most Common Mistakes

A typical mistake concerning refrigerators is allowing frost to build up. Not only will this limit your interior freezer storage space, but it will also restrict airflow, possibly causing temperatures to drop below the optimal degrees. Owners also fail to clean the refrigerator condenser coils, often leading to higher energy consumption, as the unit must work harder. Failure to detect cracks or tears in the rubber gasket (seal) is another mistake to avoid.

Tips for Refrigerator Maintenance and Repair

Here are a few tips for refrigerator maintenance:

  • Inspect your condenser coils for dust. About twice a year you should clean the coils using a vacuum cleaner attachment.
  • Replace torn gaskets as needed.
  • Defrost the refrigerator before the ice builds up and blocks the air vents.
  • Change the ice maker water filter every six months or as indicated by the manufacturer.

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