appliance repair

When choosing an appliance repair company, you need to find a reliable, trustworthy company that provides great services and doesn’t charge exorbitant prices. In northern New Jersey, no company fits that profile better than Astre Appliance Services.

Astre Prices: What You Pay

When you first inform us about a broken appliance or a malfunction, Astre will send a licensed technician to your home to find out the extent of the damage and possible solutions. After explaining the what’s wrong with the appliance, the technician will give you a written estimate for the repair job. In most cases, you’ll pay one of two costs:

  • A Service Charge

The service charge is what you pay when one of our technicians performs an appliance checkup. The amount usually depends on the type of checkup being performed, but is, in general, a minimal fee.

If a problem is detected and immediate repairs are made, the service fee is waived so all you’ll have to pay is the flat-rate job fee. The same applies if an appliance is repaired within 30 days after the checkup. The service charge is deducted from the quoted repair charges in those cases.

  • A Flat-Rate Job Fee

Our flat-rate fee is very affordable. We do not charge an hourly fee. This instantly puts a stop to cases of technicians slowing down just to increase the number of hours worked. All our rates are based on figures from the Major Appliance Service Nation Price Guide (MASP) — the “blue book” for appliance repairs. By combining these two approaches, we are able to offer clients the best appliance repair prices.

Astre Warranties: What We Promise

  • No trip charge for the first 30 days after repairs. You only pay the charge after 30 days have passed.
  • Free adjustments, corrections, and parts replacements for 2 years following any repairs, unless noted differently on the face of the invoice.
  • A 2-year warranty on all replacement parts and labor.

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Looking for reliable appliance repair in New Jersey? Look no further than Astre Appliance Services. We offer the best services, and our rates and warranties are simply unmatched in the region. Call us today at (973) 575-6004 or (800)-734-4098 to book an appointment.