Oven - Fairfield, NJ - Astre ApplianceFor over 35 years, Astre Appliance has provided Northern New Jersey the best in oven, range, and stove repair. We are a family-owned and operated business. We understand that your time is important, which is why we come prepared to each service call with the most frequently needed parts so that we can have your oven up and running in one visit.

Common Issues

Necessary repair work on your stove, oven, or range can be a result of commonly overlooked issues. Before deciding to replace your stove, here are some things to look for that may just need a simple repair:

  • Self-cleaning feature isn’t working
  • Oven light isn’t turning on
  • The oven or stove range won’t turn on

Making the necessary repairs can help your stove or oven your last up to a minimum of thirty years. Also, for your stove to operate properly, make sure your appliance is plugged into the proper outlet; each stove, oven, or range should occupy one circuit breaker.

Ovens/Ranges Use Tips

Countless cooking appliance breakdowns are caused by varying voltage and power spikes and may occur without us even noticing it. To avoid this, make sure your appliance is plugged in via an electrical surge protector. Using your cooking appliance at lower temperatures for a long duration causes its internal parts to function more often, resulting in more wear and tear and thereby leading to a shorter lifespan.

Stove Repairs, Oven Repairs, Range Repairs in NJ

Repair work on your stove, oven, or range can be anything from fixing a simple broken wire to re-wiring and re-programming the Electronic Range Control Board (ERC). Even with gas appliances, there is a large amount of electrical current running through the appliance. Your oven, stove, or range may require an electrical part to ignite the gas or have it flow normally. These repairs should be left to a qualified technician for your safety.