Kitchen Appliances – Astre ApplianceLowering your home energy use benefits both the environment and your wallet. While new, energy-efficient appliances are all the rage, you can save energy even with older machines. The secret is running them efficiently and keeping them in working order, free of energy-draining problems. Astre Appliance Repair Services can tell you how to keep your older appliances going without extra energy or financial costs.

Are You Making Efficient Use of Your Appliances?

The way you run your appliances influences how much energy they put out and how expensive your bills are. By cutting out inefficiencies, you can reduce your energy use. It might seem insignificant on a daily or weekly basis, but over the course of a year, even a few minor tweaks can add up to major savings.

Reduce the energy your washer and dryer use by doing bigger laundry loads and drying your clothes outside on a line whenever possible. Save the hot water for sheets and towels, and wash everything else on cold. Not only does cold water use less energy, but it lets you mix colors without risk of bleeding, allowing for larger and more infrequent washings.

Similar strategies work in the kitchen. Only run the dishwasher once you have accumulated a full load, not after every meal. If your dishwasher offers a heated dry option, skip it and let your dishes dry naturally. The refrigerator and freezer are a little trickier, as you have to keep them running constantly or food will spoil. But you can usually get away with upping the temperature setting from “coldest” to merely “cold.”

When cooking in an oven, it’s easy to set the device to preheat, get distracted and let it preheat longer than necessary before putting the food in. Try to avoid this practice to keep preheating to a minimum. For smaller dishes, opt for a toaster oven over a full-size oven.

Are Your Appliances in Good Working Order?

Many people fail to get their appliances looked at unless something breaks. As a result, small, imperceptible problems fester for years, leeching energy all the while. If you plan on keeping your older appliances for a while longer, have a professional check them out and make sure they are still in top working order. Call the experts at (973) 575-6004 or (800)-734-4098  for appliance repair in Northern NJ at Astre Appliance Services to make an appointment.