Profile view of a male technician inspecting and fixing a washer and dryer repair in a laundry roomDryer Repairs

Dryers used to be very simple — they would tumble and heat up, removing moisture, and in turn dry your clothes. Technology has greatly improved the ways in which dryers function. Today, dryers come in many shapes, varieties, and complexities. At Astre Appliance, our dryer repair professionals are factory-trained and have years of experience to handle all makes and models no matter how complex.

Some of the Types of Dryer Services We Offer Include:

  • Electric Dryer Repairs
  • Gas Dryer Repairs
  • Steam Dryer Repairs
  • Washer/Dryer Combo Repairs

Dryer Use and Repair Tips

Always clean out your lint filters and the lint trap area after every load. This allows good ventilation of the hot air, preventing thermostats, and fuses from blowing. This will also reduce fire risk by removing the flammable lint.

Does your dryer take a long time to dry clothes? Do you want a technician to take a look at your dryer? Before you do, make sure your clothes are coming out damp and not soaking wet from your washer. At Astre Appliance, we believe it would be wiser to have your washer machine checked before your dryer if your clothes are coming out soaking wet.